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April 13, 2017
Book Signing

Of Arms and Artists: The American Revolution through Painters' Eyes

@ Anderson House , Washington , District of Columbia

Paul Staiti discusses and signs copies of his book Of Arms and Artists: The American Revolution through Painters’ Eyes (Bloomsbury Press, 2016). Dr. Staiti is a professor of fine arts at Mount Holyoke College. The talk will last about 45 minutes, followed by a book signing and light refreshments. Books will be available for purchase at the event. The images accompanying the founding of the United States—of honored founders, dramatic battle scenes, and seminal moments—gave visual shape to Revolutionary events and symbolized an entirely new concept of leadership and government. Since then they have endured as indispensable icons, serving as historical documents and timeless reminders of the nation’s unprecedented beginnings. As Dr. Staiti reveals in Of Arms and Artists, the lives of the five great American artists of the Revolutionary period—Charles Willson Peale, John Singleton Copley, John Trumbull, Benjamin West, and Gilbert Stuart--were every bit as eventful as those of the Founders with whom they continually interacted, and their works contributed mightily to America’s founding spirit. Living in a time of breathtaking change, each in his own way came to grips with the history being made by turning to brushes and canvases, the results often eliciting awe and praise, and sometimes scorn. Ever since the passing of the last eyewitnesses to the Revolution, their imagery has connected Americans to 1776, allowing us to interpret and reinterpret the nation’s beginning generation after generation. The collective stories of these five artists open a fresh window on the Revolutionary era, making more human the figures we have long honored as our Founders, and deepening our understanding of the whirlwind out of which the United States emerged.

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April 30, 2017

East Meets West

@ Visitor Center , Stillwater, New York

Global interaction started before the Internet! Learn how events in India during the 18th century affected the Revolutionary War, and how America’s Revolutionary War affected India in a lecture by Skidmore College Professor Tillman Nechtman. Then enjoy a concert of 18th-century Indian music by renowned musician and Skidmore College music department lecturer Veena Chandra.

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May 11, 2017
Book Signing

The Swamp Fox: How Francis Marion Saved the American Revolution

@ Anderson House , Washington , District of Columbia

In honor of the 234th anniversary of the founding of the Society of the Cincinnati, historian John Oller discusses and signs copies of his biography of Francis Marion, an original Society member and famous leader of a band of South Carolina militiamen during the American Revolution. In the darkest days of the American Revolution, Francis Marion and his band of militia freedom fighters kept hope alive for the patriot cause during the critical British "southern campaign." Employing insurgent guerrilla tactics that became commonplace in later centuries, Marion and his brigade inflicted enemy losses that were individually small but cumulatively a large drain on British resources and morale. In this action-packed biography we meet many colorful characters from the Revolution: Banastre Tarleton, the British cavalry officer who relentlessly pursued Marion over twenty-six miles of swamp, only to call off the chase and declare (per legend) that "the Devil himself could not catch this damned old fox," giving Marion his famous nickname; Thomas Sumter, the bold but rash patriot militia leader whom Marion detested; Lord Cornwallis, the imperious British commander who ordered the hanging of rebels and the destruction of their plantations; "Light-Horse Harry" Lee, the urbane young Continental cavalryman who helped Marion topple critical British outposts in South Carolina; but most of all Francis Marion himself, "the Washington of the South," a man of ruthless determination yet humane character, motivated by what his peers called "the purest patriotism." In The Swamp Fox, the first major biography of Marion in more than forty years, John Oller provides a fresh look both at Marion, the man, and how he helped save the American Revolution. The talk will last approximately 45 minutes. Copies of the book will be available for purchase, and a book signing will follow the lecture. Light refreshments will be served.

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July 24, 2017July 28, 2017

Revolutionary War Camp Washington's Spies

@ Anderson House , Washington , District of Columbia

Join us this summer for Revolutionary War Camp Washington’s Spies, a day camp for boys and girls about espionage and the American Revolution. During the week, campers will learn about the diverse people who acted as spies during the Revolutionary War and in some cases influenced the outcomes of major events. Campers will dress in period costumes and enjoy hands-on activities, including creating secret codes, writing with invisible ink and orchestrating covert drop points. The camp will conclude with an open house for parents and friends to see demonstrations of what campers learned during the week. Ages 8 - 11. $400. For more information and to register, please contact Kendall Casey, museum education manager, at kcasey@societyofthecincinnati.org or 202.495.7127.

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