Saving the Battlefields Where America Was Forged

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George Washington was in serious trouble. Already outnumbered two-to-one, a massive British flank movement had completely surprised the Continentals along the banks of Brandywine Creek on September 11, 1777. His army dispersed and weakened, Washington soon faced ferocious attacks upon his left and center.  The Americans, however, stood up bravely to their British counterparts, meeting each Redcoat charge with a counter charge of their own and stunning British Generals Howe and Cornwallis with their tenacity. After an 11-hour slugfest—the longest battle of the Revolutionary War—Washington was forced to retreat. They had been beaten, yes, but the Americans had shown they had the resolve to meet the British in the field, no matter the odds.

Campaign 1776 is now working to save a 10.4-acre portion of the Brandywine battlefield. Located in the middle of two major combat zones, this property would be an ideal place to help visitors understand the sprawling battle that took place here in 1777. Unfortunately, the same land has also been advertised as “an unparalleled opportunity” to build a McMansion in what is now a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia.

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