Saving the Battlefields Where America Was Forged

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This Long-Neglected Story Must Be Told

As the Revolutionary War devolved into stalemate, British generals adopted a new strategy. Shifting their focus away from the northern colonies, the British sent troops south to key ports in Georgia and South Carolina. The resulting “Southern Campaign” produced many of the great untold stories of our nation’s history. American patriots battled not only British soldiers, but also neighbors and kinsmen who chose empire over revolution. Many historians believe that the Revolutionary War was won in the South.

Campaign 1776 now has an unprecedented opportunity to save 1,037 acres at six sites of the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War: Port Royal Island, Fort Fair Lawn, Colleton Castle, Lewisfield Plantation, Hanging Rock and Waxhaws. The crucial fighting on these fields is often overlooked—even by those who know our history. By saving these 1,037 acres we are taking the first steps toward educating other Americans about these battles using the best tool possible: the battlefields themselves.

Help us remember this vital American history:

Save the Southern Campaign!

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