Saving the Battlefields Where America Was Forged

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George Washington (1732-1799) Betsy Ross Flag

Commander-in-Chief of Continental Army, First President of the United States

George Washington

(National Portrait Gallery, Washington)

Upon learning of the outbreak of war with Britain at Lexington and Concord, Washington immediately volunteered to assume command of what would later become the Continental Army. Known for his military intelligence, compassion, and bravery on the field of battle, Washington elicited unquestioned loyalty, courage, and a sense of calm within the ranks. He kept the fragile army together throughout the course of the war, led it on every campaign, and finally defeated the British forces in 1781. A national hero following the war, Washington was unanimously elected as the first President of the United States, serving two consecutive terms. Less than three years after leaving office, Washington, the father of our country, passed away at his beloved estate of Mount Vernon at the age of 67.

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