Saving the Battlefields Where America Was Forged

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Lord Frederick North (1732-1792) King's Colors Flag

Prime Minister of Britain, Politician

Lord Frederick North

(Wikimedia Commons)

While holding many offices throughout his life, North was eventually appointed by King George III to serve as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1770.  His early successes as Prime Minister brought him the confidence of George III and Parliament.  When war broke out between Great Britain and her American colonies in 1775, North was tasked with bringing a swift resolution to the crisis, and with restoring control over the colonies.  The British high command in North America was plagued by infighting, jealousy, and underperformance, which not only reflected negatively upon North, but likewise hampered military operations there.  As a result of the eventual loss of the war, Lord North was removed as Prime Minister in 1782, and forever has been known as the minister who lost America.