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The Standard Bearers Society of Campaign 1776

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Campaign 1776?

Campaign 1776 is the first modern, national initiative to foster the preservation and interpretation of battlefields from the wars that established and confirmed American independence from Great Britain: the Revolutionary War (1775–1783) and the War of 1812 (1812–1814). It is a subsidiary project of the Civil War Trust, the nation’s leading heritage land preservation organization, that will utilize public-private partnerships to permanently protect remaining portions of these hallowed grounds for future generations and as a permanent and tangible memorial to the brave men and women who forged our nation.

What is a Standard Bearer?

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By providing a gift of $1,000 or more annually you will become part of the Campaign 1776 major donor society. The Standard Bearers are leading the charge to ensure that the battlefields on which our country was forged are protected forever.

How do I renew my membership as a Standard Bearer? 

Whether you are an exising Standard Bearer whose membership has expired or you wish to increase your level of support to be welcomed into the Standard Bearers, you can use this form to renew as a Standard Bearer.

I already give more than $1,000 over the course of the year. Doesn’t that make me a Standard Bearer?

We are extremely grateful to everyone who donates $1,000 and more cumulatively to the various specific battlefield appeals that are mailed throughout the year; however, because we want every possible dollar raised from those appeals to go directly to the save that specific land, donations to these appeals do not qualify you as a Standard Bearer member.

If I already give more than $1,000 to the Civil War Trust, am I also considered a Standard Bearer?

The longstanding pledge to our members remains constant: we will be prudent stewards of your contributions, directing them in the spirit in which they were given. Donations specifically toward the purchase of a Civil War battlefield will only be used in that vein; and the reverse will hold true for any Campaign 1776 properties we pursue. Membership contributions toward Campaign 1776 will support educational, advocacy and overhead expenses that are separate or entirely additive to those already pursued by the Civil War Trust.

So my annual Standard Bearer membership gift would be above and beyond what I might give to the various battlefield appeals I give to throughout the year?

Yes. Your annual gifts to this membership category still go to buying battlefield land; however it is more of a “ready reserve” fund. When a piece of land comes up for sale and the Trust does not have time to send out an appeal letter to the membership or find an additional funding source, we utilize the funds from The Standard Bearers to help make the purchase. There are some Standard Bearers who make only their annual Standard Bearer gift and do not give to appeals. There are many more Standard Bearers who make their annual Standard Bearer dues gift PLUS give additional donations to the various appeals – it’s a very flexible system, allowing you to participate at the level which suits you best. We appreciate ALL gifts and we encourage you to get involved at the level that is right for you.

What part of Campaign 1776’s mission does my annual Standard Bearer dues gift support?

Your Standard Bearer dues gift supports land purchases and those donations are used where we most need them, at the direction of the President and Board of Trustees. We are finding an increasing need for more unrestricted reserve funds. Development is rampant in so many areas and there are many times where we need to move quickly to purchase a piece of land before we can raise funds to do so, which is where the generosity of our Standard Bearers comes into play.

What are the benefits of becoming a Standard Bearer?

Each successive level of support enjoys all benefits of the previous levels. Choose your level here or renew here

Bunker Hill Standard Bearer - $1,000+: Receive special recognition in printed materials and at all events.

Brooklyn Standard Bearer - $1,776+: Receive direct, personal attention from an assigned Campaign 1776 staff member for individual briefings, assistance, etc.

Trenton Standard Bearer - $2,500+: Unique map or autographed book by noted author. (Selection may vary based on availability).

Saratoga Standard Bearer - $5,000+: Receive invitations to special Revolutionary War-themed battlefield tours.

Cowpens Standard Bearer - $10,000+: You are offered a personal tour for you and up to four guests at the Revolutionary War battlefield of your choice.

Yorktown Standard Bearer - $25,000+: As befitting gifts at this leadership level, Yorktown Standard Bearers will be offered the opportunity to have their names placed on perpetual markers at select Revolutionary War battlefields on an individualized, case by case, basis.

Do I have to write one check, or can I spread my donations out over the course of the year?

There are many different ways to become a Standard Bearer – pick the one that’s best for you:

• Some members spread out their donations monthly, some quarterly; some send in their donation all at one time; we will schedule what works best for you.

• Many of our members take advantage of their company’s matching gift program and donate a portion of their Standard Bearer dues to us and their company matches that gift, making them Standard Bearers.

• There are also members who donate stock to become Standard Bearers, so as not to impact their monthly cash flow.

In Hallowed Ground, I have read about events you offer to major donors of the Civil War Trust. Will you ever offer any similar opportunities for Standard Bearers?

As this program grows and takes shape, we may offer an annual thank you event for the most generous members to Campaign 1776, or invite Campaign 1776 members to Civil War Trust events that offer Revolutionary War tour opportunities.

What else should I know about becoming a Standard Bearer?

Your overall generosity enables Campaign 1776 to do battle with those who would desecrate hallowed ground, to mount intensive efforts to secure matching funds, to provide resources to put together complex real estate deals, to educate people across the country and to create one of the best Revolutionary War websites in the non-profit world.

If you have any additional questions about becoming a Standard Bearer, please contact us at (800) 298-7878.
Thank you!

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